Website Hosting & Domains Explained

We get asked all the time to explain how Website Hosting & Domains work and what is the difference. This article has been written to help you better understand the different parts of a website so you can better decide what you would like. We can help set you up with a site if you would like, simply contact us.

Do I need a Website?

First, I would like to address the question, “Should I have a website?”. Many people ask this questions all the time and the simple answer is Yes.

More and more people are searching in Google and other Search Engines looking for Business & Services and if you don’t have a website, it is a lot harder for them to find you. You might have a Facebook Page, or a Etsy Listing, but you don’t own these places, you are essentially Renting this space. While they are a place for people to find you, you don’t own it or control it. Facebook stopped allowing Google access to there database a few years back and this restricted what Google can display of your Page. The best thing about owning your own Website, you control everything on it. Facebook probably aren’t going anywhere soon, but neither was MySpace.

So What do you need?

When setting up a website there are a few things that you need. To better explain these, I like to use a House analogy.

Your Website is Your Home on the Internet. It is your special place in the Web.

Your House address is Like your Domain Name, This is the address that people find Your House (Website).

Your Website Host is Like the Land that you build you House on. It is basically a computer that stores all the information about your Website.

Now the fun part. How you Website looks, it could be a “Beach Shack” Basic Static HTML Website that just displays the same content every time you load it, or it could be a Mansion of a Website with every Bell and Whistle and is typically a more advanced Dynamic Website. A Free, user friendly system for a Dynamic website is WordPress. It is a very popular and very stable platform to build your Website with.

WordPress is the Frame of your house. You then need to add the look and feel of the website with a WordPress Theme. This is how your website will look including the colours, fonts and layouts of pages.

To give your new home features like a TV Room, or Rumpas room, you can add WordPress Plugins to your New home. There are many plugins available but don’t get too carried away.


Now That you know the basics, lets get started with some Recommendations:

Website Hosting

We have used for a number of years and recommend when you are starting out to go with a Shared Web Hosting Server. This means that the cost of the server is smaller because more websites are on this shared server. This is fine for a small website, and once you out grow a shared server, you will be making enough money to justified moving to a VPS were there are fewer sites and more resources assigned to your website. We have tried a few different hosting companies but who we recommend when starting is BlueHost.

BlueHost has very affordable plans and allow you to host a couple of domains on the 1 server plan. This can save you a significant amount of money over other hosts.

Domain Name

You can get you domain name from your Website host, or you can purchase them from a Domain Registrar.

WordPress Theme

When you want to change the look of your new website, a theme will help make this an easy process. All our websites use a theme purchased from ThemeForest as we find them both affordable and easy to use. There are 100’s to choose from and you can search by the functionality you need.

Theme Forest