Paypal Here Card Reader – Australia

When it comes to a small business accepting credit card, there are many options available. Each option has different inclusions, fees, features and it can be difficult to work it all out.

We have a few small businesses and regularly get asked if we accept credit card, but it is not a constant amount each month so we didn’t want a regular EFTPOS Machine from a bank as we may go a month or 3 without taking any payments on credit card. This is the biggest selling feature of Paypal Here is the fact that there is No Monthly Fee and that is a huge plus for a small business.

We decided to sign up for a Paypal Here account and have had the White Card Reader since it was released.

The Basics

Paypal Here has an App that works with a Smart phone and you can connect a card reader via Bluetooth to allow credit cards to be Swiped, Inserted or Tapped.

Features of PayPal Here:

  • No Monthly Fee
  • Accept Visa & Mastercard Credit Card & Debit Cards
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Handy POS App

Getting Started

Before you can get started you must apply for a Paypal Here account. If you have an existing Paypal account, you can use this account and it is connected, but you will need to wait for approval before you can use the app. So don’t buy the Card reader Friday afternoon expecting to use it at a market on the weekend.

Paypal Here App & Card Reader

The Paypal Here App is user friendly and works great as a POS system to record sales, both Credit Card and cash sale so you can easily see how many sales you did for the day. It even shows sales per hour so you can see just how much was made during that busy lunch rush.

You can set up products to sell in the app, or key in an amount manually. Once you add all the products, you then process the payment, either cash, card, Paypal or Invoice. After Payment is complete, you have the option to send a receipt by Text or Email to your customer then save customer details if you wish.

There are now two card readers available in Australia for the Paypal Here App, The White Chip and PIN card reader & The Black Tap and Go card reader.

Paypal Here Card Readers

Both Card Readers allow you to swipe the magnetic strip, or insert the card to read the chip. The Black Tag & Go card reader also allows you to use contactless Paywave & Paypass. Once the card details are read, the customer can then enter their PIN to confirm the payment.

Another option is to take payment through Paypal check-in. We haven’t ever had someone use this feature, but how it works is, the customer has the Paypal app (Not the Paypal Here App) on their smart phone, they can then check-in to your store. You can then find the customer in your Paypal Here App and charge to the customers Paypal Account.


PayPal Here is great because it has easy to understand fees:

  • 1.95% for transactions through the Card Reader
  • 1.95% for PayPal check-in payments
  • 2.6% + $0.30 for invoices sent through the app
  • 2.9% + $0.30 for keyed-in card payments
  • No fee for recording cash payments

Is Paypal Here worth getting?

We have had Paypal Here for many years, Starting with the original card swiper that plugged into the headphone socket. Since then we have seen many changes and improvements. We have compared Paypal Here to most options we can find and we must say, it is one of the best options for getting start.

Firstly, no monthly fee can save you a lot of money as most options charge between $20-$60+ every month, even if you don’t use it.

The card reader only works with Android & iOS smart phones so you will need that, an iPad works better, but you can easily use a phone. You will also need phone signal to access the internet to process payments. If there is no internet then this will not work, but most mobile credit card terminals will also need a connection.

When you are starting out, Paypal Here is a great option. Once you are processing a few $1000 per month you will be better getting another option, but until then, stick with Paypal Here.